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Modular Vertical Spanner Organizers by ToolBox Widget. Made for Professional and DIY Mechanics to easily and quickly organize their hand tools properly. Holds small and large spanners vertically.


🚚 Ships direct from UK fulfillment center

🧰 ModularAdd, remove or re-arrange organizers at anytime

🔧 Holds spanners and wrenches from 5mm to 40mm vertically

🧲 Strong magnets securely hold tool organizers to toolbox drawer

⏱️ Hand tool inventory is super fast and easy with orange stripe

🦾 Mechanic Owned Business

💯 Lifetime warranty & 100% customer satisfaction

💰 Spend £99 or more & get FREE shipping in the UK




✔️  Modular, you can connect, add, remove, or re-arrange as many Spanner organizers together as you need.  Each kit holds 10 Spanners, but you can connect and add more as needed.  Connect 1 or 100 Spanner holders together at any time

✔️ Strong magnets on the bottom hold the widgets securely in place to your toolbox drawer. They even work with thin drawer liners. Slam your Spanner drawer and they still stay in place

✔️  Orange missing tool indicator stripe makes tool accountability fast and easy. It’s simple if you see any orange, then you have a missing or lost hand tool. If all your tools are in the proper slot, then you will see no orange

✔️  V-shape design can hold a small 4mm or large 40mm Spanner vertically in any order you choose. Have three 10mm Spanners and want to keep them together, no problem. Stacking vertically saves 30% or more of your Toolbox Spanner drawer space

✔️  Lifetime Warranty and 100% customer satisfaction, not happy then message us and we will make it right

✔️  Optional size labels plug into the top of the widgets for quick Spanner identification

✔️ 100% Mechanic owned business

✔️  Universal connections allow the Spanner widgets to connect to any of the other ToolBox Widget products. Spanner organizer to Screwdriver organizer in the same run, again no problem

✔️  Non-Permanent solution, you can re-arrange, add or remove Spanner organizers any time you want. Buy another 10mm Spanner? Just add another widget and you are back to being 100% organized in seconds. Better than cheap plastic tool organizers and toolbox drawer foam




  • Each TBW-VW10 kit contains 4 double spanner holders and 2 single spanner holders, holding 10 spanners
  • Each Organizer has its own magnet on the widget base. Each magnet is roughly 7lbs of magnetic pull.
  • Each kit holds 10 spanners, but add and connect as many organizer together as you need, 1 or 100.




✔️ Each ToolBox Widget spanner organizer is 38mm and roughly 25mm wide.

✔️ One kit fully connected is 222mm long for 10 spanners large or small in any order.

✔️ The TBW-VW10 kit is 5.5ozs shipped.

🧰 V-Shape design holds the spanners in place, not the magnets.

🧰 Tools and Size labels not included, sold separately




💰 Spend £99 or more & get FREE shipping in the UK

🚚 Shipping within the UK is 3-4 Day shipping transit

📅 Orders are processed and shipped out next day M-F direct from the UK




✔️  Lifetime Warranty and 100% customer satisfaction, not happy then message us and we will make it right. support@toolboxwidget.co.uk

💯 The lifetime warranty for your ToolBox Widget (TBW) product is truly that. We have a simple policy. We will warranty any valid issue with the products that you have purchased from us or any authorized tool distributor for the life of the product


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